Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ever wondered.....

...what my contemporary YA, The Art of Being Indifferent, is all about?

Check out this excerpt, and grab your copy for only $1.99 today...

I heard Posey before I saw her. She was on the beach, screaming cuss words into the night air like a lunatic. I didn’t go to the beach thinking I’d see her, but as soon as I heard her, my heart started thudding so hard inside of my chest, I thought I might pass out. I had to get to her. I needed her. And I didn’t care how pathetic it was.
The only thing that mattered was that when I’d wrestled my way out of my dad’s grip and run for the door, I instinctively ran right to where Posey was.
That mattered. A lot.
She turned as I ran towards her, her black hair whipping in the wind, and my heart leapt to my throat. Damn, she was beautiful. How hadn’t I seen it before?
“Drew?” she called, her voice cracking.
As I got closer, I realized Posey was crying. Or… close to crying. My throat clenched. Shit, had Mr. Kingston called the Coulters to rat us out for skipping? It was my fault. My idea. I’d made him and Coach swear not to get Posey in trouble.
She wiped at her eyes with the ends of her coat sleeves. “What are you doing here?”

Slowing my pace to a walk, I forged through the thick, wet sand. I’d run out of the house without tying my shoes, and I’d stumbled five times on the trail. “I needed some air.”
“Me, too.” Posey smiled, but it didn’t hold. Her lip started to tremble, and redness stained her cheeks and nose. She covered her face. “Sorry.”
I strode towards her. “What’s wrong? What happened?”
My stomach was in knots. The adrenaline from my run-in with my dad had started to wear off. The hell with my problems. Now I only wanted to know who’d hurt Posey. It made me want to punch something. Break something. Where was the old man when I needed him?
Oh yeah. Back at my house, washing my blood off his knuckles.
“Nothing. I… I’m fine.” The wind picked up, opening her coat, and I noticed she wore pajamas. The tight black thermal shirt and grey sweats hugged her body like nothing I’d ever seen Posey wear before.
And dang, she had a figure. A good one. The muscles in my abdomen—and elsewhere—tightened.
Her skin paled when she saw my face. “Oh no, what happened?”
I grimaced. I’d seen my reflection in the stupid gilded mirror in our front hallway my mother spent about a bazillion bucks on. I knew what I looked like. A split in the middle of my eyebrow dripped blood down the side of my face. By morning, I would look like I’d gotten into a fight with a mouthy freshman. I’d probably tell all the guys on the swim team that just to shut them up.
“It doesn’t matter,” I said, my voice thick as I closed the space between us.
Without pause, without thinking about what I was doing, without considering whether Posey even wanted me to do it… I wrapped my arms around her. Anchoring her body underneath her coat against mine, I leaned down and brushed my nose against hers.
I couldn’t hear the wind anymore. Hell, I couldn’t hear anything except the pounding of my heart in my ears as Posey gasped. Her eyes, icy and blue, widened for a second before slowly sliding closed. Her frame melted against mine, contouring against me. Posey felt amazing. She felt perfect.
I kissed her. Hard. So hard, explosions of light popped behind my closed eyelids, and the ground underneath my feet swayed. It was incredible. Like every girl I’d kissed up to that point was just a prelude to this moment.
Man, I was becoming a sap. But I couldn’t help it.
When we pulled apart, her eyes were heavy lidded and foggy. We were both breathless, our shoulders rising and falling in unison as we panted.
“I didn’t think…” She swallowed and licked her lips. “I wasn’t sure if you… wanted that, or not.”
I cupped her face. “I’ve wanted that for a while.”
“Me, too.” Posey grinned, her eyes dancing. Then they focused on my eyebrow, and her smile dropped. “You’re hurt.”


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