Monday, August 25, 2014

The curse of an ill-fitting bra... a dark and uncomfortable curse.

So this weekend, (before I succumbed to a horrid case of the flu, yuck!) I went to a department store (NOT Victoria's Secret) and was properly sized for a bra by a certified specialist.

It. Changed. My. Life.

I had no idea that 80% of the women out there are wearing the wrong size bras, and that an ill fitting bra can actually hinder a woman's breast health! Now, that's not to say that wearing a bra in the wrong size will cause cancer--though there is some research proving a small, but undeniable link. Sometimes wearing an ill-fitting bra for extended periods of time (especially if you're a nighttime bra-wearer, like I am...and yes, I know that's weird.) can cause cysts or other muscle issues, which can lead to further breast health issues. AND it can prohibit the creation of milk in lactating mothers!

Who knew??

I didn't.

The reason I went to be professionally sized is because I have lost 95 pounds this year, and well, when a woman loses 95 pounds, she loses her tata's. Yeah. There's no two ways around it. My girls went from large and in charge, to flattened, sort of pancake like, and really pathetic. I've been forced to wear a series of sports bras called "Ahhhhhh Bra's", which are a woman's way of saying "I GIVE UP!". I mostly bought them because I didn't want to drop money on brasiers until I knew what state the girls were going to be in post-weight-loss. And let me tell that I am 95 pounds lighter, and my body has hit it's comfortable stage (meaning, I don't know if I'll lose anymore weight, I think my body found it's "happy place")'s a sad state of affairs in the boob department. They were flat, saggy, unhappy, and decades ahead of me, physically speaking. (Translation: I had grandma boobs, even though I'm only 38.)

I needed professional help.

The good news is, I have the same bra size as I had in high school, which is incredibly gratifying as a mother of four kids who used to weigh over 240 pounds. However, the fact that my mother is a breast cancer survivor forces me take my breast health seriously. I get yearly mammograms. I do self exams. I don't let the girls bounce all over the place willy-nilly style. I keep them safe, comfortable and happy...or at least I think I did, I haven't asked them.

Again, a bunk bra isn't going to give me cancer (though studies have shown that many times women fighting breast cancer were women who wore their bra for over 12 hrs a day), but could give me cysts, which can eventually lead to bigger, and more in-depth problems (tumors --both benign & malignant, back problems, breathing issues, skin problems such as tags & lympomas, & digestive problems <IBS> stemming from ribcage constriction). This is no bueno. I just got rid of a plethora of health issues when I lost a crap-ton of weight. I refuse to have more health issues because I am walking around in the wrong friggin' bra.

And so I had no choice but to be fitted for a proper brasier.

And it feels so GOOD.

I'd forgotten what having happy boobs can do for a girl. It feels glorious.

I highly recommend getting a professional (AND FREE...did you hear me, it's FREE!) fitting by a certified specialist in a department store like Nordstroms or Macy's. I'm told that the women in Victoria's Secret aren't certified, and are often just high school or college age girls trying to make a living...not that there's anything wrong with that, but geez. When it comes to breast health, they're not necessarily the specialists. They know how to make your tata's look most excellent. Which is important in it's own right. But they don't know how to make them feel most excellent. Does that make sense? And right now, in this day and age, isn't "feeling" most excellent more important? When you're 19 you think you're indestructible, and that cancer will never strike. Then you hit your late thirties (like me) and realize that cancer does strike, and when it doesn't strike, something else will...some other health issue that will knock your world off kilter. It's best to do all you can do to be as healthy as possible.

Go get professionally fitted. Your boobs will thank you.

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