Thursday, July 3, 2014

Blog challenge day 24!

And we've made it through another (almost) week...

Go, me!!!

Today's topic is: my goals for next month.

And well, since it's only three days into the month of July, I'll share my goals for July.

1.) I intend to take my cheerleading team to UCA camp and unify my squad.

2.) I intend to enjoy a lovely family reunion with relatives I haven't seen in years.

3.) I intend to enjoy a high school 20 year reunion and wear a lovely green dress while doing so.

4.) I intend to hit my 140's and start the LOOOOONG process of toning my perpetually squishy tummy, arms, & butt.

What do you intend to do this month?

You know who else has some important goals? Posey, from The Art of Being Indifferent. She wants to get away from Twisted Tree, Washington, and head back to Seattle after graduation. Check out her story by clicking here.

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