Friday, June 20, 2014

Man Candy Friday!

Oh, Friday, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

Too many to count.

My husband and I are taking our kids on an overnight trip (in the camper I've mentioned before) to a local theme park. Personally, I loathe this place. Too many people wearing next to nothing in front of my kids, and too many fattening, unhealthy foods and overpriced crap for my kids to beg me for. Oh, and lest I not forget the roller coasters, which I am certain were invented by Satan himself simply to torture me.

But I digress.....

That's what we're doing this weekend. We've had it planned since December, and haven't been there in years. The kids are stoked. Me? Eh. I'm going and looking forward to seeing my kids smile. I love their smiles.

The other reason why I love that it's Friday? (toot the horns!) It's Man Candy Friday!

My readers love my man candy Fridays. Brought to you minus any banana hammocks, gratuitous sexuality, or anything remotely offensive that would prohibit my lovely readers from opening my blog with the kids in the room. You're welcome, lovely readers. I love you.

So without further delay, I have this week's man candy....

None other than:

Superman himself. Henry Cavill. Oh, how I adore thee. I've decided to make him one of my boyfriends. He'll be thrilled to get the news, I'm sure.

But anyway.....enjoy the man candy, everyone. And have a great weekend! Why not pass some time reading a Brooke Moss book! :D

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