Friday, June 13, 2014

Man Candy Friday!

Goodness sakes, I love Fridays!

For lots of reasons, no work for my husband or myself the following day, lots of play time with my kids, church is coming soon, no need to wake up early...the list goes on and on. Oh, and lest we not forget Man Candy Friday.

Oh, yes. Well all appreciate man candy friday.

Especially when it is brought to you MINUS banana hammocks, sweaty or gratuitous sexiness, or generally anything that couldn't be enjoyed with the kids in the room. This is PG rated man candy. You're welcome.

This week, I decided to go for someone a bit gritty. Someone who looks like he might punch me in the face or rob me, too. Not that I wouldn't hand over my wallet with a giggle. After all, he's And I've been stalking this poor gentleman for a long, long time.

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