Monday, June 2, 2014

Guess what I'm doing this month?'s JUNE, now! Can you believe it??

I know. Neither can I.

So because I have a heck of a time thinking of things to blog about, I've accepted a 30 day writing challenge. However, instead of blogging every day of June, I decided that I would still only blog on Monday through Friday, so this challenge will likely take me into the month of July.

So challenge #1 is......(wait for it)......basic things about myself.


That's very vague. In fact, I think most of my loyal readers already know so much about me. So getting back to the challenge....the basics about me:

I am happily married. This is my second marriage. I got married very young, and it was a colossal mistake that resulted in two beautiful children and a whole heckuva lot of lessons learned.

I am 5 foot 7 inches tall, and weigh 158 pounds. I would like to lose another 28 pounds. I also have dirty ash (grey) brown hair that is about 3/4 inch long. I lost about 1/3 of my head of hair this past winter due to stress, damage, and weight loss. I rock some seriously great wigs now.

I spent my entire childhood intending to have a family of 12 children.

I used to believe in Gun Control. Now that I have experienced the underbelly of the world (through foster parenting) I am pro-guns. Big time. Oh, and also because I hate bears, and won't hesitate to blow one to kingdom come.

I am 38 years old and getting increasingly uncomfortable about turning 40 soon.

I grew up in a town of 500 people.

I buy all my clothes at second hand stores. It's like a treasure hunt every time I shop. It makes shopping feel less guilty, and also makes it fun.

I am allergic to cats, and have to take a Benadryl every time I am around them...or working with a kiddo from a cat friendly home at my day job. I am pretty sure cats are the devil's minions.

I literally struggle every single day of my life with knowing I will never realize my dream of adopting more children. Sometimes the agony of losing my daughter (again, see first blog linked above) renders me to bed for the day, and I am not able to pull myself out of the grief. When that happens, I simply have to ride it out, and let it the storm pass. It sucks. Like, bad...

I have a husband who is the complete polar opposite of me. He is book smart, I am creative. He is logical, I am a dreamer. He is focused and calm, I am flighty and always lost in my thoughts. I am 90% sure my coworkers at the day job think I am a stoner. Which, I'm not. I'm just always lost in my own thoughts.

I am left handed, but only eat and write with that hand. Throwing a ball, or doing generally anything else is done with the right.

I want to learn how to make pickles. They're my favorite snack.

I am a strict mother. Super strict. And old fashioned. (For instance, I don't think the Duggars on TLC are that bad. I like how they run their family. Sue me.)

I have the ability to mimic almost anybody's voice (real or cartoon or TV character, it doesn't matter) with perfect precision. I only do it for my husband, occasionally my kids, and OFTEN when I am by myself. It makes me laugh.

I live in eastern Washington state, and I am a Washington state girl through and through. You couldn't convince me that another state is as beautiful as my state. It's impossible.

I often die in my dreams. That theory where if you die in your dreams, you'll die in real life is a crock. Here I am...blogging. Not dead. Go, me.

I recently interviewed to become a cheerleading advisor. I was a two year cheerleader in high school, and co-coached the first year post high school. I don't know if I got the job or not, but if I do, I am hoping it will give me inspiration for a young adult novel or two.

There was a chance my third child would be born with Down Syndrome. He came out healthy as could be, though he does still have some minor health issues, and completely developmentally on target. My husband and I always hoped to adopt a DS child, because as much as we were relieved and happy that our son was born "average," we were also sad that we would miss out on the privilege of being DS parents.

My three favorite books of all time are Silas Marner, Nowhere But Home, and Poor Gertie.

My favorite food is cheese. The stinkier and more obscure, the better.

To me, going out without makeup is the equivalent of going out naked and with my fingers jammed up my nose. I don't like anyone to see me with a blank face.

So........I think I've shared enough basic facts about myself. I hope this 30 day blog challenge turns out to be fun for all of you gorgeous readers. What are some basic facts about you?

P.S. Have you read my debut novel, THE WHAT IF GUY, yet? It's set in Fairfield, the town I grew up in, and mentioned above. I love my little town. I hope you do, too.... :) Click here to grab your copy of THE WHAT IF GUY! And click here to check out other format options.... Happy reading!

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