Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blog challenge day 8!

Yup. I haven't quit yet.

I just keep wondering what the crap I'm going to do when I run out of things on my blog challenge list. I'm sort of screwed.'s topic is: Five things on my bucket list. Oh, how I love my bucket list. I've been adding to my bucket list for years. Decades, really. And I've already managed to get a couple things done. Go, me! So here goes. I've decided to share my favorites:

1.) Get a book published. (Yeah. I already did that. Have you read my debut novel, The What If Guy, yet? Grab it HERE.

New 1.) I want to learn how to ballroom dance. It's so glamorous and sexy. Plus, I love the idea of being twirled around on a dance floor. When I was overweight, I always felt like this on the dance floor:

I would like to learn how to dance and NOT feel that way.

2.) I want to meet Steven Tyler. What a freaking-dream-come-true that would be. No kidding.

3.) I want to vacation in Greece. I want to eat cheese and olives in one of these:

4.) I want to vacation in Bora Bora, in one of these:

5.) I want to learn how to belly dance. I've always wanted to learn how to do that...but I've always felt like it was too immodest. Until I saw that some women wear tee shirts under their scantily clad costumes. Yup. I can rock my modest-is-hottest look with my belly dancing digs. Holla.

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