Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blog challenge day 7!

Onward, my friends, let us press on....

It's day 7 of my blog writing challenge, and guess what today's topic is:


Which is ironic, considering how I rambled on and on about my oldest brother yesterday. So since I've already talked about him, I figured I'd talk about my middle brother today. He is so great. Witty, dry, evasive. Women love him. I guess he's pretty handsome, though it's weird to say so, considering he's my big brother. But it's true.

He's also very emotionally disconnected. He used to work in social work at CPS, which was a great match for him, as he is able to stay neutral in situations that would make me freak out. He also writes incredible stories. I mean, like, intricate, detailed, thought provoking books that make mine look like children's coloring books. He's wildly creative. I love that about him.

Unlike me (and our oldest brother) he is very casual, and unorganized. He meanders through life without a plan of action, and usually succeeds at it. He seems to thrive in chaos, which is so unlike me. And he never wavers on his beliefs, even though he's willing to hear just about anyone out on theirs. He's a great person. I love him mucho.

You know who wish she'd had a sibling? Marisol Vargas in APPLES & ORANGES. Though when she met and fell in love with Demo, she inherited his entire Greek family....click here to grab a copy today!

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