Friday, June 6, 2014

Blog challenge day 5!

We made it through the first week. Can you believe it?

So let's keep this short and sweet, so I can hurry up and get to Man Candy Friday, which I know you all love. Today's topic is........(drumroll please)....Three Things I Like About My Personality.


This is a hard one. We, as women, are so trained to hate ourselves and constantly want to improve. Bragging about three things we love about ourselves is sort of foreign to me. (And to all women, I would imagine.)

So I have to admit.....I've sat here in front of the laptop for about 30 minutes thinking about this. It was more difficult than I expected.

But here's what I came up with:

1.) I'm pretty transparent. It's true. I'm an open book. Very little about me is a secret, and what I do keep secret, you had better believe is important to me. Because usually there is very little I'm not willing to share with the world.

Actually, one time one of my closest girlfriends and I were at a women's conference eating lunch together, and we were talking about each other's "gifts." I told her that she had the gift of love and a maternal nature and instinct that comforts and sets people at ease all around her. (And it's true. She is amazing. She literally loves and accepts and cares for everyone. It's incredible to watch. I'm not like that. I really can't stand some people. And loving them in spite of my resentment is a struggle. I wish I could have the gift of a maternal, loving nature. Eh....maybe someday. We're all works in progress, right?)

But I digress....

So my friend then told me that I have the gift of "transparency and honesty," and that I am very good at showing my vulnerability. When I laughed and called it a curse, rather than a gift, she scolded me. She said it makes people feel comfortable around me. She said it encourages other people to be honest about their own struggles, and to reach out for help and comfort, when they would otherwise stuff it all down, and clam up.

When she said that, I had a  O.. o  (*blink, blink*) moment.

I guess my transparency could be a gift, when you look at it like that. I just look at it as the only way I know how to be. When I struggle, I open up. REMEMBER THIS?? When I feel triumphant, I yell from the nearest clock tower about it. REMEMBER THIS?? You see? An open book. Transparent. I just try very hard to life my life as honestly as possible. If that means I say things people don't like to hear, then so be it. If it means I say things they enjoy hearing, bonus! But one thing you can count on from me is...if I feel it, or think it, I'll say it. Transparency. Who knew?

2.) I have the gift of humor. Sometimes I'm not as funny as I think I am, and sometimes my timing is But I always, always, always find something to laugh about. In fact, I think humor has gotten me through some of the worst times of my life. I learned it from my mother, who (while battling breast cancer) made cracks like "Well, my tits in the ringer this time" and "If I don't want to have surgery, that's just tough titties for me." Yeah. Humor. We do it a lot in this family. 

I just think that you have to be willing to let go of your ego long enough to make a joke at your own expense. If you are so stuffy that you can't see the humor in daily life, then you are letting life pass you by. God gave us the ability to laugh together for a reason. He wants us to have joy. He wants us to experience friendship and bonding, two things that are darn near impossible without laughter. 

I challenge each of you to laugh more. Find humor in your mundane lives. Find humor in your stress. Find humor at work. Find humor in your marriage. It helps. This I promise you.

3.) I am tenacious to a fault. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, because I should let things go, but can't and I really need to just loosen my grip and let it slide, but oh, how difficult it is.......*sigh*

But most of the time my tenacity serves me well. A long time ago, someone said to me that it was "really difficult" to get published, and that I had to accept that I would "likely never achieve that goal." I looked that person in the eye and said, "The h*ll I won't. Watch me."

And I did.

Nine books later, and here we are. 

Another prime example of that tenacity is my goal to get back into cheerleading coaching. Now, I don't know if I got the job yet, and I know it's a long shot...however, I've been trying for the past few years to get taken on by a school for this job, and I *still* haven't given up. I refuse to! When I first decided I wanted to coach again, I was very heavy. (240 pounds) And well, to be honest, that didn't help me at all. Walking into a school and asking for an athletic coach position that requires lots of dedication, movement, and effort...when you're tricky. People don't often see past the outer shell, as sad as that is. So I changed it. I'm now 83 pounds lighter (with plenty more to go) and much, much more active and athletic. I look the part, instead of just being right for the part on the inside. I hope this makes a difference. It might, it might not. Either way, my tenacity won't let me give up. I want this, and eventually, I'll get it. It's how I roll.

UPDATE: I got the job. I'll be a varsity head cheer coach next school year! Holla!

Tenacity is a drive to never give up, never let someone else's discouragement bring me down, and never let obstacles steer me off course. I have a determination that could move mountains, and I love that about myself. 

What are some personality traits that YOU love about YOU?

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