Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blog challenge day 4!

Hip, hip hooray! I made it to day 4! (and I still haven't given up)

Today's topic is.....wait for it....25 Things to Do Before My Next Birthday.

This should be easy, since I just had my birthday. I've got a whole year to fill with stuff! Okay, no digressing, stay focused, goes:

1.) Go zip lining in Glacier National Park.
2.) Publish at least three more books.
3.) Lose that last 28 pounds.
4.) Take new family portraits.
5.) Score a job with a school district...whether it be coaching or as an EA.
6.) Learn a few basic moves in ballroom dance.
7.) Go inner tubing on a lake.
8.) Go inner tubing on the snow.
9.) Try skiing again for the first time in 15 years.
10.) Try out an aerial silks exercise class.
11.) Take a belly dancing class.
12.) Finish reading The Book of Mormon. (Why do I openly practice my faith? Click here.)
13.) Go on a romantic overnight date with my hubby. We've only been away from our kids (together) once in eight years! Yikes!
14.) I want to spend more time with my mother.
15.) I want to spend more time with my brothers and their families.
16.) Tear down the old sunroom hanging off the back of my house like a tumor and put in a patio.
17.) I want to go to ECWC, sell lots of books, laugh a lot with my friend, Jess McCallan, and wow everybody who thought I was pregnant last year. :)
18.) I'd like to ride a horse again.
19.) Learn how to make soap.
20.) Touch someone's life.
21.) Lay my eyes on my daughter again. (Even if I can't speak to her or touch her. I just want to see her again.)
22.) Witness a birth.
23.) Eat rare Ahi Tuna. (I love it, but my family will have none of that, so I *never* get to have it.)
24.) Make homemade pickles.
25.) Do the splits again.

What are a few things YOU'D like to complete before your next birthday?

P.S. Have you read THE CARNY yet? It's one of my favorite stories (of mine) and the characters are so near and dear to my heart. I would love to share it with all my beloved readers! Click here to grab it today! And happy reading!

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