Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blog challenge day 3!

It's time for day THREE of the blog challenge...

BTW, I am so grateful to have new topics to blog about every day. Such a nice change. Though I am still sneaking in hints to buy my books at the bottom of each blog. Have you caught that? I thought so. Nothing gets past you, my awesome, gorgeous, witty readers.

Ok, so back to business....

Today's blog topic is: My day in detail.

My days never have enough time. Not ever.

Ugh. Nothing sounds more boring to me. Maybe it's because it's my day, and my day sounds boring to me. If it were someone else's day, I may have a different perspective. But my day? YAWN. Check it out for yourself and tell me what you think.

5:30am: I wake my fifteen year old for seminary. Seminary is a class he takes before high school every day. It starts at 6:15 am, and then he goes to his HS classes right after. He grunts and grumbles and tries to sleep in as late as possible, but overall he swears he loves seminary. He says it helps him start his day off on the right foot, and for that I am extremely grateful. I adore our church. He seems to adore it, too, which fills my heart to the BRIM. True story. Click here to find out more about what I believe. (And ask me questions anytime. I love questions.)

6:30am: I usually wake up for a second time, to get my daughter up. She is in Junior High, and requires a lot of time to get up, get her hair fixed, get her mascara on (the only makeup she's allowed to wear,) get her breakfast, and organize her things. She's sort of a bear in the mornings, so I do this very carefully and with as few words as possible.

7:00am: I wake up a third time when my daughter comes upstairs to get her breakfast. This usually means she's had enough time to "wake up" and so I am finally able to hold a conversation with her. It's usually pleasant. Unless I catch her using my accessories without permission, which happens on occasion. :)

7:30am: I wake up the 6 year old and the 7 year old.......which usually sounds like a herd of elephant-chimpanzee hybrids being poked with flaming hot sticks. Yeah. Crap gets real about this time.

7:45am: Daughter leaves for school, and I hug and kiss her and tell her how very much I love her. Because I do.

8:10am: My youngest son gets picked up by the school bus. This process usually involves lots of hugs and kisses...then my son wiping my kisses off in disgust. I try not to let it hurt my feelings.

8:15am: I get online to do my social networking for the day. Social networking is a necessary evil in the career of being an author. If you don't do FB, Twitter, and keep a website or a blog, you won't sell books. Period. It's tiring, and annoying, and I get made fun of all the time for being online so much (by my hippie relatives who think computers are the devil) but I do what I gotta do. Mama's got bills to pay, so mama sells books. Don't hate.

8:30am: I get the last kid ready for his carpool. We usually read a book together. His favorites are normally Star Wars related, which is as it should be. (I only raise cool kids.)

8:45am: I try to stuff some food down my throat, so I can take my supplements. On a daily basis, I take iron, a multi-vitamin, calcium, St. john's wort, B12, and cinnamon pills. My husband thinks I am supplement obsessed. Maybe I am. But whatever...I feel great! Sadly, my supplements often fill my new stomach up, so I have to make sure I eat again before work, otherwise I get shaky and ravenous.

9:00am: Everyone is out of the house. HOLLA.

9:10am: I stop dancing around and get my workout done. It's usually either a run/walk mix on the treadmill for 30 min, or a mixed resistance ride on the stationary bike for 30 minutes. I prefer the bike, because it's easier for me to read while I do that. And some days, that's my only reading time!! Yikes! I love my reading time. I would die without it.

9:40am: I end my workout and lay on the basement floor for a few minutes to get my heart rate back to normal and to get the "jelly legs" to go away. I hate jelly legs.

9:45am: I panic, because I have to be at work in 45 minutes, and I still haven't put any makeup on. I rush to the bathroom to paint my face on, and slap a wig on my head. (Wearing wigs takes at LEAST a half an hour off my morning routine. Hooray for saving time!)

10:30am: I start work. I spend the next three hours bouncing from special needs classroom to special needs classroom, letting the different teachers and EA's get their breaks. Sadly, I am a giant mushball, and I am already hopelessly in love with all the kids in every classroom. Some days are better than others. Some days I leave covered in food or boogers (which sucks, but hey, they're good kids, so I try not to let my OCD kick in.) and other days I leave feeling completely uplifted and inspired. I work with incredible people, and amongst all the chaos, I get these glimpses of pure love between these adults and these kids that reminds me of the grace of God. THOSE MOMENTS are what keeps me coming day in and day out.

1:30pm: I rush home because I am starving and need to eat before I tip over like a Redwood tree. During this time, I sit with our big, smelly, dumb-as-a-rock dog, Bear, (who is a golden retriever/great pyranees mix) and eat something packed with protein. Protein is my fuel these days. Like gasoline in a car tank, I tell you.

2:15pm: I rush to my son's high school to do afternoon carpool. This is the time of day that I get to hear random conversations between a group of fifteen year olds and try not to say anything too stupid or annoying. I wish I could say I stay out of the conversations altogether, but I can't. I'm that mom. The one who tries to join in and winds up saying something completely outdated or moronic. My son is always rolling his eyes and apologizing for me. I sort of enjoy humiliating him. It's par for the course!

2:40pm: After dropping off the first group of kids at their homes, I go to the middle school to pick up my daughter and two of her friends. This group doesn't talk as much, but they do like to make fun of my musical choices, which just makes me turn it up louder, and sing along. The other day it was "If I Could Turn Back Time" by Cher. Today I have a feeling it will be "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. The more they hate it, the more I sing. It provides me with entertainment, and really, that's what it's all about.

3:10pm: After dropping off the second round of kids, I head to the grade school where I work to pick up the third round of kiddos. This stop is particularly sucky, because I have to wait in this horrible pickup line where parents fight and cut each other off, and people CONSTANTLY try to skip the line and break the rules, because they always have to "be somewhere" and their plans are always more important than everybody else's. It is a festering, breathing hell. No joke. I hate the pickup line with the intensity of a solar flare.

3:25pm: After dropping off the third round of kids, we all go home and start snacks and homework. This is usually the part of the day where my kids all start to fight and bicker and argue with me about...well, pretty much anything under the sun. This is usually when I sent my husband texts like this:

Where is the duct tape and shovel?
If you care about your children at all, you'll get home
on time. Do you understand
what I'm telling you??

(***For the record, I'm only kidding. I've never once used the duct tape or a shovel on my children. I have, however, handed the shovel to my kids and told them to scoop up the giant dog craps in the back yard. I know, I know, I'm so MEAN.***)

3:50pm: The kids usually finish their homework and start their chores. They get five chores to do per day, and they act like I am asking them to saw off their own arms and legs. Truly. It's a big drama. And a colossal surprise every day. What?? Chores, AGAIN?? What the heck, mom??

4:10pm: My youngest son gets dropped off by his school bus. He is usually overwrought and tired and hungry and just ASD'd I give him a hug, hand him a snack, then let him decompress for a while. He's my easiest kid after school, because he wants to be left alone, and I am all about leaving him alone. Sam and I have a method. It works.

4:15pm: I spend the next while trying to get some writing, editing, and/or social media done. Since I've started working at the school, this has slowed down considerably, but it's almost summer, and I've still got nighttime, so I deal with it. 

5:30pm: This is usually when I panic because I have to figure out what to make for dinner. In case you didn't know, I loathe cooking for my family. It makes me want to cry. And fast. It makes me want to cry while I fast. 

6:00pm: Dinnertime. Sometimes my husband is late, and I lose my crap. Other times he's on time, and I am a semi-cheerful wifey. Usually I'm sort of grumpy by dinnertime because my kids are bickering and complaining about what I made for dinner. I usually agree with them, if we're being honest.

6:30pm: Bathtime for my younger children. This means I will get extremely wet and my floor will be soaked. During this time, my older children will screw around while pretending to do dishes. Something will get broken. Every. Single. Time.

7:00pm: I hand out dessert in the hopes of becoming everyone's favorite mommy again, despite the fact that I screwed up yet another dinner, and might have told the kids that if their dog sheds on my  pant leg one more time I'm going to kill him.

7:30pm: Bedtime for the younger kids. THANK YOU, LAWD BABY JESUS!!!!!

7:35pm: I watch TV or talk or whatever with my older kids, all while pecking out a few words on my current WIP. This is our time to talk without utter chaos all around. Sometimes (now that the weather is nice) we hang outside, or ride bikes. I love this time of day.

8:45pm: Bedtime for the older kids. They usually don't go to sleep until 9 or so, but they like to read in their beds, and usually my son is dragging because of Seminary, so he's ready to crash. Once again, THANK YOU LAWD BABY JESUS!!!!

8:45-10:30(ish)pm: Writing time. I write and edit as much as I can while (trying) to spend some time in bed watching TV with my handsome nerd. Usually I wind up passing out while he watches something incredibly boring like Deadliest Catch or Storage Wars. 

What is your day like? What is your favorite time of day?

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