Monday, June 30, 2014

Blog challenge day 21!

I'm still in shock that I've made it to day 21.

Usually I give up on this kind of stuff. But not this time! I'm always looking for good blog topics. I'm not sure what I'll do once I run out of them. I guess I'll go back to blogging about handsome actors and books I like. :)

Today's topic is....someone who inspires me. 

I wasn't really sure how to answer this one. You see, I tend to draw inspiration from new people every day. Some days it's my husband, who is infinitely more intelligent than I am. Other days, it's my mother, who tends to find humor in every situation. Then occasionally I find humor in my fellow authors who write beautiful stories, despite their busy lives. I also like to soak up inspiration from my friends, who always love me and accept me, even when they might feel like being b*tchy or cranky, or when I am b*tchy or cranky towards them.

Those are the people I draw the most inspiration from.

Occasionally, I also draw inspiration from this person's life & ministry, too:

Yeah. I'm kind of a big fan.

Want to know more about my faith? Check it out here.....

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