Friday, June 27, 2014

Blog challenge day 20!

I can't believe I made it twenty days. Seriously.

Today's topic is.........wait for it.......

Five things I am passionate about.

Oh, how I love this topic. I am passionate about so many things, it's hard to whittle them down to just five. So I picked my TOP FIVE for you all.

1.) I am passionate about Autism awareness.

As most of you know, my youngest son is autistic, and he is the sweetest, funniest, silliest, most intelligent, most brilliant little boy I have ever met. Most people who meet him can't look past how hard he is to understand, or how agitated he can get sometimes. I feel like he gets misjudged a lot, and as a mother, that's heart-wrenching to watch. So one of my passions is raising autism awareness.....because once you've met one kid with autism, you've met one kid with autism.

2.) I am passionate about bullying.

Now, don't misread me. I'm not passionate about being a bully, I'm passionate about ending bullying. When I was in grade school (a million years ago) I was bullied so roughly that the girl who bullied me eventually got expelled. And that was in the early 80's, when there weren't any bullying standards in school at all, and she still got kicked out. So you can imagine how rough it was. She was terrifying. To this day, at 38 years old, I still have nightmares about her. I work very hard to prevent my kids from being bullied, and to prevent my children from bullying others. It's kind of my "hot button."

3.) I am passionate about body image.

Ok. I know what you're thinking...Brooke, you've lost like 87 pounds, who are YOU to advise women to love the bodies they're in? Well, here's why: I changed my body, because I was horribly unhealthy. My body was begging for mercy, with pre-diabetes, neuropathy, etc. I decided to prioritize my health. But if a woman is 250 pounds and her body is as healthy as ever, then work it, girl! A woman should dress for the body she's in. She should cherish the body she's in. She should love the body she's in. There's no reason why a woman should feel like she should have to change how she looks to fit in. If she's skinny as a twig, or as big as a house, who cares? As long as she's healthy and happy.....she's winning. Epically winning.

4.) I am passionate about my faith.

I try not to push my beliefs on anybody else. I know that my church isn't everybody's cup of tea, and I'm okay with that. I truly believe that any church that brings you closer to God is a good thing. To each his own, so long as you're believing in Him. But so long as you're asking....yes. I am strong in my faith. I love it. I live it. I believe it. And I am always willing to share with anyone who asks. I love being able to explain my faith to people, to dispel rumors, etc. I will also always respect other faiths. Just because I am passionate about my own, doesn't mean I need to trash talk other faiths. But in that same vein, I will never bend, break, or abandon my beliefs. Not for any reason on earth.

5.) I am passionate about my children.

I've been called "Mama Bear" a time or two. Not because I'm one of those moms who thinks her kids can walk on water. Oh, no, my friends.  My kids are monsters. I'm pretty sure they're trying to kill me. But I also adore them. I adore them so much, even the mere thought of their smiles can fill my heart to capacity, and my eyes with tears. They're the most wonderful little people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. And I fight for them. Often. When my son is down on himself because he didn't get a 4.0 GPA, I fight to make him see himself for the incredible young man he really is. When my daughter feels ugly, I fight for her to see the gorgeous beauty she is on the outside as well as the inside. When my son cries because he doesn't feel good, again, I drive him across the state to stay in a hotel room we can't afford so he can see specialists. When my son says he has no friends, I bend over backward to facilitate friendships that he is incapable of making on his own. I have fought with teachers. I have fought with doctors. I have fought with nurses. I have fought with principals. I have fought with aids. I have fought with lawyers and judges. I have fought with an ex husband. I have fought with the powers that be....and I would walk through flaming coals again and again for their sake. That's just what a mom does.

Know who else is passionate about Autism Awareness? Anna from my novella, Bittersweet. Grab a copy and support AUTISM SPEAKS today!

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