Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Blog challenge, day 2!

So...does everybody remember the blog challenge I took on yesterday?

Yup. Me, too.

So today's prompt is "something I look forward to in the next 12 months." I have to say that I am struggling with this one. Granted, I'm always stumped when it comes to blog posts. I mean, all I want to say is "Buy my book, you'll laugh." And sometimes I do. However, in order to build my readership and let you all in on the madness that is Brooke Moss, I need to explore other blog topics, right?

Right. Okay.

So here goes....something I am looking forward to in the next 12 months. Actually, I'm looking forward to a few things: (five to be exact)

1.) My 20 year class reunion in July. (I mean, not only am I excited to see some of this puny little class of 45 people again for the first time in 20 years, but I am also 83 pounds (and counting) lighter, married to a great man, I have four beautiful children, and a writing career I am extremely proud of. This makes going to the reunion much easier for me.)

2.) My family's annual trip to Glacier National Park. (We're meeting up with the most wonderful, fun, loving in-laws a girl could have. I wouldn't miss it for the world.)

3.) Finding a new job next school year. (I love working with the special needs kids I work with, and I love working at the school I work at. I also love the fact that I might score a coaching job this year, too. What an exciting couple of prospects!)

4.) Wearing my natural hair again. (I miss my hairdresser. I want my hair back.)

5.) Hitting my goal weight. (It will be a long shot, I know this to be a fact. After all, I'm almost 40 and I've had 4 kids. But who knows...maybe I'll put it off. Squeee!)

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