Thursday, June 26, 2014

Blog challenge day 19!

Today's topic is messy.

Yeah. Like bottom-of-my-purse messy.


Today's topic is: What is at the bottom of my purse?

Well........let's just see.....

2 tampons
1 maxi pad
3 headbands (which is interesting, considering the fact that I have NO HAIR.)
1 sock, size 5T
Several old bulletins from church
3 Hot Wheel cars
2 McDonalds Toys
4 earrings (none of which have mates)
wig spray
baby wipes
2 CD's with primary music on them (scratched to heck)
old phone case
breath strips
gum (usually kids are thieves)
dog grooming brush (WIERD. We've been looking for that.)
pictures of my kids

Yeah. Being a mom makes for a weird collection in my purse.

You know who carries around designer handbags with only lipstick and a spare pair of panties in it? Marisol Vargas. Check out her story, and see how she changes, in Apples & Oranges today....

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