Monday, June 23, 2014

Blog challenge day 16!

Hip, hip, hooray for the sixteenth day!

Today's topic is: Something I regret not doing this last year...

I'll keep it simple: I try to live my life without regret. I try really hard to stand behind everything I do, and own it all, and learn from it.


After the loss of our daughter, my husband and I turned in our foster license and decided to no longer pursue an adoption through the foster care system. This was a very devastating decision for us to make, as we both felt very, very spiritually driven to adopt children, and to have more than just 4 children. However, sometimes life throws you curve balls.....and this last year we were thrown some pretty rough ones. Making the decision to stop fostering and adopting was indescribably painful, and I will likely regret not adopting a child for the rest of my days.

So. How's that for deep, eh?

P.S. Know who else had some life regrets? Autumn Cole, in The What If Guy. Click here to grab your copy.... 

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