Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ten things you may not know about me.

I was tagged on Facebook recently, and decided to use this opportunity on my blog. In case you didn't know, it's difficult to think of new and fun things to write about on a blog! Especially when you're trying to focus on your family and day job, too. *Le sigh*

So today I am sharing ten facts that you, my dear, sweet, loyal, gorgeous, witty readers, may not know about me. And yup, they're all true. Enjoy....

1.) I was born and raised in the small town of Fairfield, featured in my debut novel, The What If Guy. And yes, Flag Day really is a celebration every year. We usually go back to Fairfield with our kids every year to enjoy the parade. :)

2.) I was a terrible student growing up. I mean just horrible, awful, rotten. I was tested for dyslexia, and the test results were "inconclusive, but leaning towards yes", and my attitude was even worse. I simply couldn't retain information, and my attention span was approximately as long as a flea's. I wanted desperately to drop out of school, because I hated it so much. My teachers eventually passed me because they were sick of me being in their classrooms. I'm sure if I were a teenager in this day and age (my teens happened over 20 years ago), I would be diagnosed with something fancy like ADHD or Aspergers or some acronym that would epitomize my horrid attitude about learning as a kid.......but the bottom line is: I outgrew all of it. The attitude about learning, the dyslexia (if it ever existed,) the boredom, the memory issues. They're all gone now.....and I'm a multi-published author. So if your kids are all sorts of trouble in school, don't give up on them. They could grow up to become an author. :)

3.) I am not a good cook. I try, really I do. But it never works out for me. A good recipe found on Pinterest almost always turns into a monstrosity of epic proportions for me. Now, that doesn't mean I don't cook. I most certainly do. My family expects food every night, and I refuse to serve them cereal (often, that is) so I get in the kitchen and cook every day. Not with a smile on my face, though. No, sir. I'm usually scowling...and swearing under my breath.

4.) My husband and I wanted a large family. We always assumed we would have between 4 and 6 kids, with a mix of adopted and biological children. This didn't work out for us, as we attempted to adopt last year, but wound up having a failed adoption after a year long placement of a toddler. We lost her, then kind of lost our focus for a while. Grief like that doesn't just go away. We'll probably always struggle with it. So we now have four children, and I am learning to be okay with that.

5.) I am horrible, deathly allergic to cats, and when I am around cat dander, I am terribly uncomfortable. Most people laugh it off, like it is some sort of personal preference, but the truth is: when I am around a cat, my throat closes up and starts to itch (on the inside), my lungs decrease in capacity and I start breathing weird, and my eyes swell shut. It's misery. Pure misery. The good news is, I am not allergic to dogs--which is good, considering the fact that we have a 100 pound golden retriever/great pyranees mix named Bear who leaves trails of white fur through our house all day. (I wish I got paid for all the sweeping and vacuuming I do.)

6.) I met my husband on a blind date. We went with another couple to Applebee's, which is my least favorite restaurant in the universe, and I ordered a weight watcher meal. When the waitress brought it to me, she plopped it in front of me and said, "And the diet shrimp here for the girl watching her calories!" I wanted to throat punch her. We didn't fall in love that night. It took another date, and seeing the movie "Hitch" to do that.

7.) I am sort of old fashioned. Though I work outside the home (besides being an author, I am also an educational assistant in special education classrooms) I strongly believe in being home when my kids get home, and being a hands on wife and mother. I think having children just to let someone else do the raising is nuts. Why? Just...why? I think utilizing daycares and nannies is find when a family is financially dependent on two incomes, or when a mother is raising children alone. But if you can afford to have one parent home with the kids, why wouldn't you? Seems selfish not to....just sayin'.

8.) I'm slightly obsessed with Idina Menzel. I think she's gorgeous, I think she's talented, and I think I could easily be a stalker fan. I may base a character on her in the future. But then the character would have to be a singer, too. Because, well, it's Idina Menzel! My husband says I am over the top obsessed with her. He's probably right.

9.) I go through color phases. For a while when I was in my teens and early twenties, I wore lime green all the time. I mean, all the time. Then when I was in my late twenties, early thirties I wore leopard print all the time. Everywhere I went! Now that I am pushing forty, I wear yellow....a lot. I also love stripes and polka dots. Especially with yellow. :)

10.) I have a "forgive, but never forget" policy. Which, as it seems, is a universal concept for Taurus's like me. If you screw with me, then legitimately apologize, I'll forgive you. But it will never be the same. I never forget. My memory has come a long way since those high school my memory is like a steel trap. You screw with me........I remember forever. Period.

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