Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer is going to suck a whole lot less this year...

This morning I hit 80 pounds lost!! Woot, woot! Virtual high fives all around.

My husband reminded me to do another PicStitch so I could see the progress. (I tend not to see my progress in my day to day life...I think I'll always be that morbidly obese woman in my head.) In the ten and a half months since I started working with my surgeon, my counselor, and my dietician, I have healed my body from pre-diabetes, neuropathy, sleep apnea, carpel tunnel syndrome, and a laundry list of small health issues I'd been struggling with.

Now I run, dance, play, bike, and move with my children. I let my handsome, nerdy husband cuddle up to me, because I don't feel as uncomfortable in my own skin as I have for years. I smile at people, and walk with my head held high. My food struggles are still and a lifestyle change isn't enough to cure a full blown food addiction like I had. Every day is a struggle between choosing the right things to put into my body, and choosing the wrong.

Every day I make the choice to spend at least 30 minutes exercising in some way. I only allow myself one day off a week, and I only allow myself 1 to 2 cheating bites a day. I pray....often....for the strength to make this a lifelong change, and to never slip back into that horrible, dark place that addiction creates. I pray for a long, happy life with my husband and children, because not only do they deserve it, but I've finally realized that I do, too.

I hope all of my lovely, loyal, witty, gorgeous, incredible readers are living their lives to the fullest and working hard to be the healthiest and happiest they can be! It warms my heart to think that all of you can have the energy, freedom, and joy that I've found over this last year. There's nothing like it!


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