Thursday, April 24, 2014

Want a sneak peek?

At Then & Now, a.k.a. Candace's story??

Yes, my friends, book 3 of the This & That Series is coming soon, and Candace's story will be shared!

Here's a sneaky peaky....

" “It still is.” His eyes twinkled. They literally twinkled. How old was this kid? “I’ve got big plans for it. In fact, my realtor told me about some of the things you’ve done to your house. She said it was an impressive remodel.”
“It was mostly my husband.” I nodded at the front of my house. “He was really into restoring the whole mid century modern thing, but managed to do it with a more up to date twist. He was very proud.”
“I’ll have to come see the inside sometime.”
I must have made a face, because Mason put his hands out. “Oh, no. I mean, purely for architectural reasons. And only if you, you know, invite me in, or something.”
“Of course.” I pressed my lips together, and backed up onto my porch. “Maybe we’ll do that sometime.”
“Sounds good.” He released a laugh. Boy this Mason kid was a happy fellow. “Go on in, and get that sleep now.”
“Okay.” I felt for the handle behind me. “It was nice to meet you.”
“You, too, Candace.”
I practically fell into the house, then shut and locked the door behind my back with a definitive click. Breathing hard, I pressed a hand against my chest to calm my heart. Why was I out of breath? What was wrong with me?
And, by the way… did Mason wink at me as he was walking away?"

Are you as excited as I am to find out how Candace finds love? And with who? Have you read books 1 (Baby & Bump) and 2 (Apples & Oranges) yet? NO?? Grab them today!!

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