Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I started a new job this week...

Working five days a week with special needs kids. IN the same school as my own kid's classes (so I may get to see them from time to time) I'm so excited to have some extra income coming in...

And even more excited to do something I'm passionate about. I love working with special needs kids, and wish more so than anything that that I would've succeeded in adopting one. *sigh* Some dreams aren't meant to come true, though. And so, to console my battered heart, I work with special needs kid at school. It's not quite the same, but just as important. And besides....some of these kids are really incredible. It was a treat getting trained and watching the full time teachers working in the classroom. They are just so good at what they do. I'm impressed.

(And I do not impress easily.)

Here's to bringing in more income, still having time each day to working on my books, and doing something very near and dear to my heart.

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