Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day...

AND happy birthday to my oldest child!

He turns 15 today, and I can't exactly wrap my brain around that. He is charming, and handsome, and smart, and talented, and dedicated, and intelligent. I am constantly baffled by what an incredible student, son, brother, and young man he's become.

Love you, kid.


It's EARTH DAY! We love earth day in our household. I guess it's because I was raised by hippies, and also because I am 100% turned off by anything that pollutes the earth, misuses the earth, or offends the earth's creatures. I know, I know...I'm a closet tree hugger. Sue me.

Today I want you, each of my darling, witty, beautiful readers, to commit to do ONE thing in 2014 to help the earth. Maybe it will be to stop hunting for sport (barbaric, if you ask me). Maybe it will be to make a greater effort to recycle. Maybe you can carpool a few days a week!

There's a bazillion things you can do to show kindness to our earth.

Happy Earth Day, everyone! And happy Birthday to my Liam!

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