Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Going on an overnighter!

Oh, I'm so excited to get away today!

Yesterday was the start of my children's spring break, and so we decided to do an overnighter in a lovely Washington State gem that I haven't seen since I was six or seven years old!

The last time we were in Leavenworth, my family ate at fondue restaurant (and my dad was ticked, because he thought it was "frou-frou food") and my parents bought me a nurse doll. I wish I still had that doll. I named it Jane, after my aunt (who was, in fact, a nurse) and I treasured it! I remember especially loving her little white paper hat. *sigh*

Sadly, my hubby has a lot of important pharmaceutical things happening at his job, so he's staying home with our fluffy, dumb dog while the kids and I travel to the mountains. I'm taking my retired mother, too, which will be interesting. She always comes up with hilarious things to say on road trips. I'm certain I'll come home with plenty of one liners to snicker at for weeks.

We are also going with another family that we consider close enough to be relatives. These people have been with me--and after I got married, us--for years, and for that, I am eternally grateful. I love that we take a few vacations a year with this family. They're almost the only people, besides my brother in law and his family, that I don't mind sharing our vacations with.

Is it spring break for your kiddo's, too? What will you be doing during this lovely spring-y week?

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