Monday, April 28, 2014

Do you like Mermaids?

And YA romance? And dark-with-a-side-of-funny story lines?

Then grab my fantasy YA, Underwater!

The secrets of Pend Oreille are best left beneath the surface…

After being partially paralyzed in a car accident, wheelchair-bound Luna Prosser is struggling to keep her head above water. Fighting for independence from her over-protective parents and determined to seem normal as she wheels down the halls of her high school, Luna can’t believe the hot new guy on campus actually talks to her—and looks at her with more than just pity in his haunted, aquamarine eyes. But Luna has no idea how different Saxon really is, or what responsibilities he faces. For there are secrets in the dark waters of Pend Oreille—secrets that could drown them both…

Click here to get your copy today!!

And be careful when you go into the water this summer..... ;)

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