Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Are you a genre jumper?

As a reader, I am absolutely a genre jumper, though my loyalty tends to lean towards contemporary romance, women's fiction, and contemporary YA. Which, surprisingly enough, is what I write.

But occasionally, I like to dip my toe into other pools. My CP and editor, Meggan Connors, writes some awesome westerns, highlanders, and even steam punks. All of which I am thrilled to read...she's even turned me on to other authors writing those genres!

And I am also going through a very dystopian phase. Granted, I'm starting to work my way out of it, but overall, I love a good dystopian YA. I've tried to write a few...but not so much. I couldn't get the hang of it. Bummer.

What genres do you read? Do you jump from genre to genre the way I do? Or do you stick with just one type of book and call it good?

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