Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm seeing numbers...

..that I haven't seen in OVER a decade...

I hit the 170's this morning, and almost woke the entire household with the celebratory dance that commenced right after I got off the scale. I haven't been in the 170's since my daughter was an infant (and she's 12 now) Many of my comorbidity's have righted themselves, and my energy levels are sky high, compared to just a few months ago. I'm doing things with my kids that I've NEVER done! (Can you say swimming?) Overall, I feel like my decision to get gastric surgery was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

The reason I share this with everyone, is because I think the stigma of asking for help with obesity should be abolished! More people should feel safe & comfortable asking for help. If we have to be kind, patient, and tolerant of someone asking for help with a drug or alcohol addiction, why shame someone for seeking help with a food addiction? Why are fat people treated like scum, but a junkie gets respect? Not fair. Not cool. And I hope that by sharing my journey, more people with obesity can seek out the help they they can feel as good as I do! Because someday, when everyone else is off of their magic pills and shakes, and the latest crop of fad diets are gone, and a new wave of hysteria has ensued, my results will still be permanent (if I keep up the lifestyle) and everyone deserves the chance to change their life *permanently*, IMHO. :)

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