Monday, February 10, 2014

Update: The Hair Crisis

So lots of you read the blog post I wrote about my hair crisis. Some of you responded with kindness, understanding, and support. Some of you did not.

Part of me was offended, the other part of me just closed my laptop and walked away for a while. Have any of you seen the musical, Wicked? You know that one song Elphaba sings, No Good Deed? Yeah. That's sort of how I felt.

In response, I'd like to post an update.

Like I said before, I'm not looking for sympathy or coddling. I know that my life could be ten thousand times worse, and I am grateful for the good life I have. However, when one of my blog readers wrote in explaining that she, too, had hair loss after weight loss, and that she, too, felt devastated and sad, it made me feel really good.

I'm not alone. I'm not the only woman who doesn't want to march around with Muppet hair and bald spots. And making me want to cover my follicle issues with a wig doesn't make me selfish or vain. It makes me human. It felt good to be validated.

So, back to the update. Here is what's happening to my hair:

Yeah. Not so cute. I'm just glad that it's not permanent. In 6 months to a year, this will be a non issue, but until then....oh holy Hannah. Embarrassing.

Here is what I've done about it:

I ordered this one per my husband's request. It looks terrible. Like a middle aged Ariel the Mermaid. Which, in and of itself, is very cool. But the look? Not so much. I look pretty bad.

However, I liked pretending to be Bret Michaels.

I really like this one. It's brown and layered and curly. It's got some red in it, too. It's a keeper.

It's sort of big, but like my last post said, I likes me some big hair. Hello, product of the 80's and 90's.

In the right light, it's definitely got some red. I likey the red. I'm all about red hair, and have been for 25 years. It's a sickness.

Here's the wig that looks the closest to my natural hair. Though my hair isn't naturally blonde, I have had blonde several times. Plus, this cut is to die for. I rock it. Hard.

I've got one more wig coming in the mail that I am excited about. I'll post pics as soon as it arrives. It's a dark brown bob. Very Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, without the OD and needle in the chest.

The long red one will go back soon. It was a bad choice (No offense, honey.) I wanted three wigs because I like being able to change my look whenever I choose, and because I've found some incredible, thoughtful, & supportive wig specialists in my city who sell synthetic wigs for absolutely reasonable prices, and provide excellent customer service. I'm excited to spend the next several months sporting my new looks, and talking more about this frustrating (but completely tolerable) side effect of extreme weight loss.

Want to know what's super cool? I wore a tight shirt with horizontal stripes today, and I didn't look hideous. And when I did my time on the treadmill this afternoon, I didn't want to die. Score 314 for weight loss surgery. Bam. Boom.


  1. I still like the one hubby picked out The long red hair looks good. :p

  2. Finally had a moment to comment! I love them! All 3... but I'm dramatic enough to rock the Ariel wig. LOL Honestly, if I didn't know that last one was a wig I'd have thought it was just a haircut it's super cute. I can't wait to see your bob now. I'm kind of jealous of how great you look in wigs, not everyone can pull them off. :D

    I finally broke down and dyed my hair purple (London Lilac to be exact) on Sunday but for some reason only my roots took the color... so you can imagine how silly I look. But I kind of love it at the same time. It's just a very me kind of silly thing. ;)

  3. I like the look with all the wigs--you can choose one to fit your mood each day. Congrats on the weight loss - that's awesome! I've learned the hard way the last year how important health is, and it has to feel so great to be getting healthy. :)