Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Did you score a free copy...

Of The Art of Being Indifferent?

If so, do me a solid, and leave an honest review either HERE (Goodreads) or HERE (Amazon)...

Thank you so much!! I hope you all enjoyed The Art of Being Indifferent, it was very sweet and emotional for me to write. After losing our daughter this summer, it has been rough sorting through all of my emotions about adoption and the foster care system, etc. Writing Posey and Drew's story was sort of cathartic for me. (Want to know what it's about? Click HERE.)

If you didn't manage to score The Art of Being Indifferent for free, never fear! Buy a copy on Amazon for just $2.99 today, then email me at I'll send you a FREE ecopy of my novella, Bittersweet, for you to enjoy...or to share with a friend. Click HERE to buy a copy today!

So many deals, so many giveaways, so little time!

Thanks for all the support, guys! Hope you enjoy Posey and Drew's story!

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