Sunday, January 5, 2014

One week until I change my life...

I would be lying if I didn't admit I'm sort of freaked out to be going under the knife...

But I'm also really psyched to be starting a new chapter in my life. After 2013, and how horribly, awfully terrible it ended, I am excited to have a new lease on life. I am ready to enjoy my children and handsome nerd to the fullest, and to be more active than I have been, crap...maybe junior high?

Here is a list of things I intend to do in 2014, that I haven't been able to do for years--if ever--and once I lose the weight, I will be able to:

I want to take an aerial silks class. 
I want to take a belly dance class.
I want to take a ballroom dance class with my handsome nerd.
When we go to GNP this year, I want to do the 10 mile hike to Iceberg Lake without feeling like I'm going to die.
I want to swim with my kids. I haven't swum with my kids in...well, ever.
Ziplining!! I've always wanted to do that.
I want to go to Hawaii. I've always told my husband NO, because Hawaii = swimwear. 

Wish me luck, my lovely, darling, witty, awesome readers...I'll need it! And grab a copy of BABY & BUMP or APPLES & ORANGES to read while I'm down and out.


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  1. Best of luck. I've often thought I would like to do what you are doing as well, but I can't afford it nor do I think it would change my outlook on life. Yes, it may help me lose the weight, but I don't know that that would necessarily make me any happier.
    Again, good luck! I hope you accomplish all of the wonderful things you want to do!