Sunday, January 26, 2014

I have bones and tendons.

I know most people are born with those things. But I'd wrongfully assumed that I wasn't. After all, until recently, very few of my bones and tendons were visible. They were all hidden under a soft padding of fat.

Now.....normally, I don't care whether or not I have a padding of fat. In fact, I prefer having *some* fat. However, when that fat leads to being prediabetic and having apnea and not being able to move and play with my children......then I have a problem.

(Which is why I got Gastric Sleeve Surgery.)

But now? Now I am getting healthy. I am starting to see bumps and edges on my body that I've not seen since I was 15 or 16. Literally. This is very exciting for me.

I've decided to post before and after pics...


My starting weight was 240 pounds. 

Yeah. I was big. That's why I rarely post pics of myself from the shoulders down.

YES. That's an Iceman Tee shirt. YES. That's a really bad angle.

So....sideways angles aren't really my bag, baby.

AND after:

In order to have Gastric Sleeve surgery, I had to lose preliminary weight. Between the pre-diet, and the liquid diet, I went down to 205 by surgery day.

Now it's been two weeks since surgery day, and I weigh 191.8, which is especially exciting since I haven't seen a 1 before my weight since before Obama went in office. Maybe longer. And even then, it was temporary. P.S. Isn't my daughter lovely? She's 12 now, which is a big age in my religion. She's growing up like crazy!

I'm looking forward to going back on solid foods after this week. I'm so sick of the liquid diet, I could barf. But if I barf, I will hurt my new stomach. Me no likey. My doc says I'll lose more weight once I'm getting adequate calories every day, because right now my body is in "survival mode". Translation: FEED ME OR I'LL SHUT THE H*LL DOWN MODE. P.S. That's my son. He's a teenager, and trying to kill me. But I love him anyway.

I'm so proud of the decision I've made to put my health and my family first. I have so many things I want to do with my children and husband. I might even enjoy having my picture taken with readers again! Woot, woot!

Okay, enough about me. Are all of you aware that The Art of Being Indifferent comes out soon? And I'm about 3 seconds away from sending Then & Now (Candace's story, book 3 of the This & That Series) to my editor. Squeeeee! Can't wait to share them both with you! And guess what's coming after that? Book 2 in the Fairfield series.....Layla's story! Hooray!

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