Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lookie, lookie, check out the new bookie!

Hooray! I can finally share my secret!

I have a book coming out in (tentatively) February of 2014! It's a contemporary young adult novel, and I'm super stoked about it. :)

Want to hear about it? Of course you it is....

Posey's not the kind of girl who has a lot of friends. After bouncing from foster home to foster home she's only formed an attachment to her iPod, and the music that takes her away from the ugliness that surrounds her.
Drew Baxter's got life on a string, or so everyone thinks. Son of the town mayor, swim team champion, and the hottest guy on campus. Little does everyone know that life at Drew's home is dark, dangerous, and only getting worse.

When partnered together in a tutoring assignment from hell, Posey and Drew are surprised to find how much they have in common. Despite their need to keep what's going on under the surface a secret from the world, it becomes clear they know each other better than anyone else in the world can. Now Posey and Drew have to find a way to exist in a town that wants to keep them apart, and in a circle of classmates that wants them to stop blurring the social lines.
Above all, Drew and Posey need to escape the madness of their abusive parents, before they drag them down forever.

No buy links yet, but mark your calendars...the next Brooke Moss book is coming in time for Valentine's Day 2014!

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