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Guess what's dropping this Friday??

Underwater: The Mer of Pend Oreille, book 1

I'd almost forgotten about this exciting book. I wrote it on a whim, not knowing if I was equipped to write either YA or fantasy.....but it turned out to be one of my greatest adventures. I am so thrilled to see if my gorgeous, awesome, loyal, smart, witty, wonderful readers likes it as much as I hope they do.

I'll post buy links as soon as I have them! Thanks, Etopia Press, for believing in Luna & Saxon, and their adventures!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Excerpt time!

Excerpt time! I keep getting reviews from readers saying they loved Lexie's family dynamic. Here's just a taste of the mayhem she puts up with during family dinners.... 

“Mom, the soup is great as always.” Corbin wiped his mouth with a napkin. “When are you going to share your recipe with me so I can make it for Andrea at home?”

My mother shifted in her seat, and she patted her blonde helmet proudly. Flattery got people everywhere with my mom. “It’s a secret.”
“I realize that.” Corbin took another bite and closed his eyes. “But I’m thirty-five now. Don’t you think I’m old enough to be trusted with the sacred family recipes?”
Andrea nodded. “Like the pumpkin cheesecake recipe.”
I pointed my fork at my mother. “And the potato salad.”
Darren stopped shoveling food into his mouth, and looked up from his bowl. “And the finger jello.”
Corbin stared at him. “Of all of Mom’s recipes, you want the one for finger jello?”
“Finger jello is awesome.” Darren wiggled his eyebrows. “Jello shots, dude.”
Rolling my eyes, I went back to my soup. “You’re a child.”
“No, I’m not.” He shoved another bite in. “A child cannot legally drink. I, on the other hand, can.” Darren focused his attention on me. “Why are you acting so old, anyway, Lex? It’s not like you’ve got all these responsibilities to keep you home. You should come out with me and Pandi sometime. Do a few shots yourself and loosen up.”
“I don’t need to loosen up.” I put my spoon down slowly. My stomach had turned into merry-go-round. Good Lord, was I ever going to be able to eat a meal without wanting to yak again?
“Yes, you do.” Darren laughed. “You’re wound tight. Seriously, come out with me this weekend. My friend, Spoons, thinks you’re cute.”
“Spoons?” Andrea chuckled. “Do I even want to know where someone gets the nickname of Spoons?”
Corbin choked on his soup. “I say go for it, Lex. Go out with Spoons, and let Pandi and Darren show you a good time.”
“Do you have any friends with normal names?” I asked my little brother, who’d pulled his phone out again, and was texting under the table.
“Yes,” he said. “Barry. Joe. Axel. Rosco.”
Corbin, Andrea, and I all dissolved into giggles, and my mom just shook her head. “Your friends have terrible names,” she sighed. “Lexie, did you know that Andrea and Corbin bought a new house to flip on the South Hill?”
The South Hill was one of Spokane’s most coveted neighborhoods. With its hills, mature pine and maple trees lining the center of the roads in between the lanes, and turn of the century homes, I’d been dreaming about living there for years. “Really?” I asked, pushing my bowl back. “No kidding, guys? Where at?”
Corbin squeezed his wife’s hand. “It’s on Elm, and it is completely made of brick, with paned windows and a tiny courtyard out front.”
“It’s gorgeous. Apparently the owner died five years ago, and it’s been empty ever since. His children finally decided to sell, since it’s gone into such disrepair.” Andrea grinned.
She and Corbin’s reputation in the world of real estate around these parts was impressive, to say the least. The local realtors loved telling their buyers that they were selling a “Baump Home.” The name was synonymous with exceptional quality and high-end finishings. No corners cut by Corbin and Andrea. They took pride in their work, and it showed.
“We’re going to bring it back to life.” Corbin nodded affirmatively. “The plan is to have it done in three or four months. Why don’t you buy it, Lex? That should be enough time for you to put in notice at your apartment and arrange for financing.”
“It’s the perfect house for you.” Andrea helped herself to more soup. “It’s a buyers’ market right now, you know.”
My mother laughed breezily. “What? You want Alexandria to buy a house? On her own? Alone?”
Darren looked up from his phone. “That means the same thing, Ma.”
“Hush.” She scolded him. “Now, Lexie, you’re not seriously considering this, are you?”
I gaped at her. “I just found out about it. I’m not seriously considering anything right now. Don’t you think it’s a good idea?” An image of the little flashing heart I’d seen on my ultrasound earlier, and my chest expanded. “I’m thirty. It’s probably time I put down some roots somewhere.”
My mother waved my words away like a fly. “Oh, shush. You’re not even married.”
My cheeks heated. “Last time I checked, they give home loans to single women, too.”
“I know, but you wouldn’t want to be a homeowner without a man around.” She gestured all around her. “It’s a horrible headache to have something need repair with no husband around to fix it.”
“Oh, come on. You just call Pastor Irm to fix it,” Darren said, not bothering to look up.
“I do not.” Embarrassment pinked my mother’s round cheeks.
My mother tried very unsuccessfully to hide that she was in love with the pastor, and had been for a long time. Yet she was on every committee the church offered that required her to work directly with the pastor, and ate dinner with him at least twice a week.
My brothers and I referred to it as evidence. She referred to it as stewardship. We all silently agreed not to discuss it.
“Well, we could help Lexie if something went wrong,” Corbin said.
“That’s right.” Andrea smiled at me across the table. “What’s the point in having two carpenters in the family if you don’t use them?”
“But you didn’t get your first house until you’d married my Corbin.” My mother blinked a few times. “Would you really have wanted to do it alone?”
Andrea shrugged. “If that’s the way my life had turned out, then yes.”
My mom snorted. “It’s ludicrous. Come on, Lexie. Find yourself a good man. Someone much more mature than that Nate, and settle down. You’ll get a house and a gaggle of kids to care for.”
I ignored the way she’d said my ex husband’s name like it was dripping in acid and burning her tongue, and smiled patiently at her. “Did you just use the term ‘gaggle’?”
“Yes, I did.” She took another bite. “Now, let’s talk about you. What have you been up to lately, dear?”
All eyes rolled over to me, and I felt the sonogram pictures in my jeans pocket start to burn a hole. I was on the verge of dropping a double whammy on my family, and it was contributing to my nausea. My mother’s reaction, which I was predicting would be exceptionally theatrical, would be nothing compared to the disappointment on Corbin’s and Andrea’s faces.
“Well, like I said when I got here.” I swallowed, and avoided my mother’s probing eyes. “I went to the doctor today.”
“What for?” my mother demanded.
“That’s all you have to tell us?” Darren rolled his eyes. “Seriously. Get out more.”
“Can it,” I hissed. “So anyway, there’s something I need to tell you all.”
Corbin leaned forward, resting his elbows on the tabletop. “Are you okay?”
“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in Jerusalem, she’s got cancer!” My mother pressed a hand to her ample bosom and choked on immediate tears. “I knew it. I knew it. When your dad had the aneurysm, I knew that it would strike one of you kids next. I just knew it.”
“She didn’t have an aneurysm,” Darren pointed out. “She’s sitting right here.”
“Then it’s cancer!” Mom bellowed.
Andrea jumped out of her chair and went to put her arm around my mom’s shoulders. “Shhh, Patsy. Relax. Lexie hasn’t even told us what she went to the doctor for.”
“Or what kind of a doctor she went to see.” Darren scoffed, grabbing another roll. “She could have gone to a woman doctor or something.”
My mother yowled. “Ovarian cancer!”
My head flopped into my hands and I grit my teeth. “Seriously, Mom. I don’t have cancer, all right? Can you take a breath and let me finish my damn announcement?”
Her tears immediately stopped. “There’s no need for language.”
“Just… everybody relax, all right?” Corbin touched my arm, offering a one-shouldered shrug, as if to say, our mom…what a looney, right? “Go ahead, Lexie.”
Well, here goes nothing, I thought to myself, my hand going into my jeans pocket, and holding the picture underneath the tabletop the same way my brother had tried to hide his phone. “Actually, Darren was right. I went to the woman doctor.”
“Really? Gross. Don’t share that with us,” Darren said around a mouthful of roll.
“Grow up,” Corbin said in his most fatherly voice, which he’d been perfecting since our own dad’s death thirteen years earlier.
“What’s going on?” My mother dissolved into fake tears again. “Ovarian cyst? I’ve had three myself, and they’re horribly painful. Endometriosis? Your Aunt Dory had that. Oh my word, I always knew one of you children would be sick, and I’d have to care for you. Don’t worry, dear, I’ll be here for you. You can move back into your room, and—”
I shook my head. “I’m not moving back in. I don’t have an ovarian cyst or endometriosis, either.”
“Well, for hell’s sake, what’s going on with you?” she demanded, pushing up her glasses and turning off her tears for a second time.
Darren sniggered. “No need for language.”
“Hush.” She swatted her napkin at him, and knocked a roll out of his hand.
Corbin took off his wire-rimmed glasses and rubbed his eyes. “I think we all just need to calm—”
“I’m pregnant.”
My voice seemed to echo, despite the walls being lined with plush toys. Maybe it just sounded that way in my head. I couldn’t be sure.

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Cover love, baby!


Baby & Bump was so well received by my wonderful, smart, loyal, beautiful readers that my editor (the incredible Meggan Connors) and I put book 2 in the This & That Series on the fast track, so that we can hurry up and share Marisol's story! :)

And what's a new book without a gorgeous new cover?

Gaaaaahhhhh!!! I love it. What do you think? What do you think is going to happen in Marisol's story? You'll only have to wait a bit longer to find out. In the meantime, enjoy this cover. I sure do!

P.S. Grab your copy of Baby & Bump here!

Thank you.

I am so humbled.

As a writer, all you really want is to share your stories with readers. Sure, making some money while I do that is nice, and that's the main reason I self published Baby & Bump in the first place. I was ready to actually make some money on my work. But besides that, having readers with my stories, & knowing that my characters are out there in the world.....


I've sold just under 1000 copies of Baby & Bump. Yeah, I said just under one thousand. The first hundred I blamed on friends. The second hundred I blamed on family. The eight hundred after that? I have no idea. I don't have that many friends or family, so that's out. I think these are just normal people who wanted to read MY book. Who knew?

Well, I just had to write a blog thanking you all for being so loyal and wonderful. I can't believe I am experiencing readership like this. This kind of stuff happens to other writers, not me. Please, my friends, know that I am grateful. I am humbled. And I am dedicated to finishing the next two books of the This & That Series soon.

Much love, ya'll. You're the best.

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Another day, another excerpt!

Still on the fence about whether or not to buy Baby & Bump?

Why not give this excerpt a taste, then go grab a copy for just $2.99....

“That would be great.” Something flashed in Fletcher’s eyes, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. His lower lip pulled between his teeth while I was trying to figure it out. He looked so edible when he did that.
“So that’s settled,” I whispered.
Fletcher took hold of my upper arms and brought me against his chest. I could feel his heart galloping. “You really are something, Lex. Thank you.”
I opened and closed my mouth a few times, but couldn’t think of anything relevant to say. The scent that was so him flooded my senses, making my ears ring and my eyes slide shut against my will. He smelled like fabric softener, and minty toothpaste, and something else. Something musky and so, undeniably male it made my toes curl in my sneakers.
“I wish…” Fletcher’s words petered out, and we were left in the dim hallway with silence all around us.
His hands started tracing circles on my back, leaving trails of tickling heat behind them as they went. I shivered beneath his touch, knowing I needed to put a stop to it, but wanting it to go on for at least another hour. Maybe two. Or possibly forever. The moment stretched out from three seconds, to five, and then to ten. I felt Fletcher’s nose against my messy hair, and listened as he drew in a deep breath. The electricity between us was so strong, it nearly buckled my knees
“You wish what?” I pulled back and looked up at him.
“There’s something between us,” he whispered, his breath dancing across my lips.
I gulped. I wanted Fletcher. I’d wanted him for months. But this was wrong. So wrong. It was like I was at battle with myself.
He pressed one hand to the small of my back and brought the other up to cup the back of my neck. I loved that. “I can’t fight it,” he mumbled, walking me backwards slowly.
The little redheaded angel on my right shoulder shook her head solemnly. Tell him to fight it. Walk away, drive home, and eat some chocolate. That’s the right thing to do.
Fletcher brushed his nose across my cheekbone, and my heart started Irish clog dancing inside of my chest.
The little redheaded devil on my left shoulder joined in the dance. Screw doing the right thing. Tell him to kiss you, and to make it worth your time!
“Then don’t fight it.” The words came out of my mouth before I had any time to think about what I was saying.
That must’ve been the green light Fletcher was waiting for, because his lips were on mine before I could even process another word. They were full and warm, but surrounded by a glorious five o’clock shadow that made my limbs go weak and my eyes roll back in my head.
And roll back, they did.
Because when his head tipped to the side, and his tongue traced a path along my upper lip to encourage my mouth to open more, it was over. My hands dug into the back of his hair, tangling into his blonde locks, and securing his face to mine. His hand pressed my body into his even more, arching my back before sliding down my hip to my thigh, which he raised against his hip as we landed against the wall with a muted thud. An old painting swayed near the back of my head, but I didn’t care as Fletcher’s fingers kneaded gently against the back of my knee, and his teeth caught my lower lip with the softest of nips. His mouth moved down my jaw line to my neck, just below my ear, where his breath against my skin caused me to gasp—yes, gasp—as every nerve ending in my body hummed with utter awareness.
Self control: gone.

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Another excerpt from BABY & BUMP!

I know how much you all love my excerpts. Here's another one from my latest romantic comedy, Baby & Bump. Enjoy!

“Normal?” Marisol pushed her oversized sunglasses on top of her head. “Have you ever seen a baby being born?”
“Well, no.” Suddenly I felt embarrassed. Should I have? Where could I get a hold of a video of something like that? I made a mental note to check YouTube later on. “You have?”
“Yes. It was horrifying.” Her nostrils flared and she smoothed down her glossy hair. “We had to watch a video of a real birth in high school. It was their form of birth control.” She stopped petting her ponytail and held her fingers up to form a circle big enough for a basketball to pass through. “Worked wonders on my class. No pregnancies that year.”
“I’m sure it did.” We looked at each other awkwardly for a beat. “So why did you tag along today?” I asked.
Marisol shifted so her back was to the plaster uterus. The light coming through the small window reflected off of her deep brown hair, and I touched my own short hair self-consciously. I’d taken extra care in picking my outfit for work that morning, knowing that I was going to be seeing Fletcher during my lunch break. I put on a dark pair of boot cut jeans, instead of my Levi’s with a tear on the knee. I topped it off with silver shirt with beading around the neckline, instead of the usual novelty tee I sported. Marisol and I were doing some baking for a bridal shower we were catering this weekend, which meant getting covered in flour and frosting splatters. But today, I was careful to keep myself as tidy as possible.
Marisol brushed a fleck of lavender frosting off her sleeve. Oddly enough, even though we’d been working on the same cupcakes all morning, she’d effortlessly remained almost pristine. That was typical. She was couture, I was hand-me-down. She was put together perfectly, I was a hot mess.
“I’m here because Candace said your doctor is a hottie,” she said in a bored voice.
Wait… what?
I looked down at Marisol from my perch on the table. She’d come to check out Fletcher? Nervousness plopped in my stomach and fizzled like Alka-Seltzer. Men were rarely immune to the beauty and blatant sexuality Marisol oozed. And I wanted to keep Fletcher to myself.
Not that I had a chance with him. He really was good-looking. Besides, he was my obstetrician. I was pretty sure he viewed our connection as nothing more than a doctor/patient relationship, despite that I was drawn to him like a moth to a porch light.
“You didn’t come here to provide me with love and support?” I laughed nervously.
            Marisol snorted. “Hardly.” When she caught my frown, she quickly added, “I’m kidding. Of course I’m here to support you. But I’m also here to check out this baby doctor who apparently looks like a movie star.”
            The churning in my stomach sped up. “Oh. Well, he’s all right. I guess.”
            Maybe if I feigned nonchalance, Marisol would lose interest, too. She was like a puppy, enamored until something newer and shinier came along to play with. The only distraction she’d ever focused on for an extended period of time was our business, and I was pretty sure that was only because there were no men involved.
            “All right?” She pulled a compact out of her Fendi bag and began reapplying her lipstick. “Candace said you were falling all over yourself when he examined you.”
            My cheeks scalded. Curse Candace and her big mouth. “I was not. It’s impossible to fall all over yourself when your feet are in stirrups.”
            “You know what I mean.” She glanced at me, then went back to her lipstick. “You’re attracted to him.”
            “No, I’m not. I mean, he’s cute, I guess. But I’m not really into him.” I looked away, pretending to be fascinated with the black and white photography framed on the walls.
Oh, look at that tree. That’s a nice tree.
            She blotted her lips together with a pop. “Why not?”
            Not going after a hot, available man was a foreign concept to Marisol.
            I let one of my shoulders rise and drop casually. “I’ve got enough on my plate, I suppose. I mean, in about six and a half months, I’m going to be a single mom.”
            Marisol dropped her lipstick back into the bag. “I know. Can you believe it? Like, everything will be on your shoulders. Food, shelter, clothes, diapers. All of it.” She laughed and shook her head. “I mean, holy shit, Lex.”
            The jealousy in my stomach dissipated and was replaced by a rock of nervousness. Most of my thoughts over the past few weeks had been occupied by the reality that I was embarking on the world’s most difficult task completely alone. I’d lost count of how many times Candace has proclaimed her gratitude that Brian was a helpful, hands-on father.
This baby’s father wasn’t going to be helping with the midnight feedings. Or anything else, for that matter.
“Of course, if anybody can handle it, it’s you.” Marisol pulled her perfume from her purse, dabbed it on her pulse points, then offered it to me. I shook my head. “You’re very independent. I mean, look at you. When Nate left, you could’ve totally fallen apart. Cried in your bed for a year. And nobody would have blamed you.”
I looked at the small window, and wished it opened. Talking about my debunked marriage made me sweat, especially in a room the size of an espresso shack with a plaster uterus taking up half the space.
“But you didn’t do that at all,” she went on, snapping her purse shut. “You got back up, changed your name back to Baump, which I still think was silly, considering the name Smith is so much less annoying than Baump. No offense.”
I rolled my eyes. “None taken.”
“You started a successful business with your gorgeous, amazing friend.” Marisol gestured at herself. “And you’ve never looked back. Never taken him back for a pity hump, never—”
“Pity hump?”
“Yes. A pity hump. Come on, we’ve all had them.” She waved her hand casually. “After the breakup. Too much wine. Maybe some made-for-television movies about couples finding love in concentration camps, or some such nonsense, and whammo! You wake up the next morning with no underwear on, a drunken striptease video on your cell phone, and your ex passed out on the other side of the bed.”
“Good Lord, Marisol!” I slapped my hand over my mouth. “I take it that happened to you?” I asked from behind my fingers.
“Once or twice.” She shook her head. “You’re missing the point. The point is, if anybody can do this, it’s you.”

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I'm like a barnacle.

.....when it come to bloggers I love.

Rhianna of Rhireading is one of them. That poor girl has been glommed onto by me more times than I care to admit. The cool news is, she's read and (THANKFULLY) loved Baby & Bump featured me in an interview on her blog today.

Yup, yup. She's a good blogger.

Drop by her blog today, to show some comment love: Rhianna's interview with none other than ME!

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Look who is in JANE PORTER'S HOUSE!?


Yup. The rumors are true. THE Jane Porter featured me on her blog today, to help me spread the word about Baby & Bump. I can't believe an author I so admire is supporting my latest story so much. What an exceptional day!

Check out the blog and the giveaway HERE!

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Chick Lit Central...

Reviewed BABY & BUMP!

Woot, woot, holla. (Yes, I said holla. Sue me.)

Check it out here:  CHICK LIT CENTRAL

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