Friday, May 31, 2013

Why am I self publishing BABY & BUMP?

Got asked this question (again) yesterday.....

I think people are confused by this because I've been traditionally published coming up on five times now, with three different publishers, and why would I fix something that's not broken?

Well, this is why:

In the beginning, authors say they don't care how much money their books make, so long as they're published and people are reading their work. I know. I said it, too. But with time that opinion changes. For every single author I know.

I've got a family with five children. I've got a husband who works hard to support us. I'm putting, thousands of hours of work into my books, with very little payoff. It's embarrassing, really.

So I decided...if my books makes money, I'm getting the money. Even if it's just pennies. They're my pennies. And so....I'm self pubbing BABY & well as the two subsequent books in the This & That Series.

So excited to share this book with you all. Meggan Connors is my editor, and she is amazing. To say I love that girl would be an understatement--she's good people. Not to mention my beta readers, Jess and Katie. Fabulous support for a book I think (pray) you'll all enjoy!

Stay tuned for BABY & BUMP!

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