Sunday, May 26, 2013

Character inspiration: The What If Guy

Hip, hip hooray! The What If Guy was rereleased this week, at a more reader-friendly price!

I'm so excited for this book to become easier and more affordable for my readers. When I sat down to write The What If Guy, I wanted to write a book about finding your first love again, and about coming home to a small town after life in the big city. I channeled my inner small town girl, and based Autumn & Henry's story in Fairfield, Washington, the town I grew up in. The older I get, the more fond of that little speck on the map I seem to get. :)

So today I've decided to offer all of my loyal readers a glimpse into what I pictured inside of my head when I was writing The What If Guy. What did all of my characters look like as I created them?

Well, here you go......a glimpse into the mind of Brooke Moss. (Don't mind the cobwebs)

Henry Tobler and Elliott Cole.......I can't separate these two pictures because Blogger is cranky.

Autumn Cole.

Billy Cole

Holly Judd

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