Thursday, April 4, 2013

So busy, so many changes...

Six kids is difficult. Totally worth it, but difficult.

In the meantime, I've managed to ignore my blog entirely too much. So I decided to post a deleted scene from my latest release, Keeping Secrets in Seattle.... (as told from GABE'S perspective)

            I punched my pillow and flopped onto my side with a growl. Thank God they hadn’t had sex yet. I hadn’t wanted to have to kill him right there in Violet’s hallway.
            But eventually…Vi and that bonehead would get there. There. And he would be the one touching her, laying next to her in bed, and kissing her decorated skin. To say it was a crushing thought would’ve been an understatement. I wanted to pound him into the pavement, then chisel him back out—only so I could do it again. Violet was mine. She always had been.
            I needed help.
            It wasn’t normal for guy who had it all to obsess over his friend this way. Even I could admit that, as much as it sucked.
            But I could still smell Violet on the shirt I’d worn to her apartment. And I’d buried my face in it and breathed in at least ten times since coming home. I’d sent Vi three texts already, and had at least five funny anecdotes to send to her in the morning. I’d checked my schedule—twice—to see if I could squeeze a trip to the coffee shop in before my first meeting. I wanted to surprise Violet at work with her favorite…a chai tea with extra cinnamon.
            Hell, I didn’t even know what Alicia’s coffee order was. Let alone had a desire to grab it for her first thing in the morning.
            These things were all centered on Violet. Not Alicia. Violet.
            And that was messed up.
            I’d kept my feelings buried for so long, it was almost like opening a closet you’ve been ignoring for years, only to have everything topple out all over the floor when you finally yank the door open. This was how my brain felt as I lay there in the darkness. I’d opened the floodgates, and was now buried—and drowning—in the contents of my heart.
            Damn it if I didn’t sound like a chick now. Turning again, I planted my face into the pillow hard.
            I had to pull myself together. It was time to look to the future, and all that crap. My future with Alicia. Screw Violet and her loser boyfriend. Let them have each other. If she was happy, that was all that mattered…
            But as sleep finally crept up on me, hours after I’d hit the bed in the first place, one question echoed in my head again and again.
            Had Violet told this guy about our history?

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  1. I'm in love with everything about this book! Thank you for giving us a peek at Gabe's pov!