Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Next week is BROOKE MOSS week!

Okay.......not nationally......

But on the Facebook Entangled Edge really is Brooke Moss Week. Woot, woot!

All week, we'll be talking about my characters from my latest release, Keeping Secrets in Seattle, and there will be character interviews, funny anecdotes, and--wait for it--deleted scenes!

As many of you know, Keeping Secrets in Seattle was written YEARS ago, was told from both Violet AND Gabe's perspectives, and was a three book saga. Obviously, a lot was changed in the editing process, and things (lots of things) hit the editing room floor. In most of my reviews, the readers have enjoyed the story...but in a couple, the readers were confused by Gabe's daft cluelessness and thoughtlessness. There have been so many times when I've wanted desperately to share Gabe's perspective, because it would have made loving him as much as I do easier for my readers.

Now...I get that chance!! Hooray!

So be sure to go to the Entangled Edge page and "like" it.... CLICK RIGHT HERE!

And starting on Monday, March 18th....I will be featured, along with my characters, interviews, favorite scenes, and my deleted scenes, etc...So much fun!

Can't wait to see you all there.

P.S.....I found this recently, and decided it's my new mantra. I've been (shamefully) ogling this dude since I spotted him on my children's Marmaduke DVD. Then all the sudden I realized he was in like three of the movies I saw this winter! Go figure. Then I became a creepy mom/author stalker (seeking inspiration for characters, of course) and watched some of his other stuff on Netflix and Youtube and Amazon. It was pretty good. Check out Pushing Daisies for a whimsical treat, and The Fall for a full-on visual & emotional treat--and I'm not just talking of the man candy variety. Who knew?


  1. Woot-woot! I am so there!

    I should walk around wishing everyone a Happy Brooke Moss week... like it's a holiday or something. Just to confuse peeps. ;)

  2. YES. Do it. Maybe I'll make an eCard, or something. :D