Monday, March 11, 2013

Hee hee

This weekend, I explained to my husband that it's my business to notice good looking actors/stars/men, etc.

He said that was the dumbest thing he'd ever heard.

I explained that as an author of romance and women's really IS my business to notice a hottie out there, then base a character on him. In doing this, I bring these actors/actresses/hotties alive in my reader's minds. I give them more than just movies to imagine these lovely specimens moving, talking, kissing, and swashbuckling. I explained that my Pinterest boards of Mancandy is my way of doing the world a favor, and that I should be thanked for my contribution.

I further explained that this interest didn't in any way effect my feelings for him, and all of his nerdy science geek glory. He's still the butter on my bread, and the feta in my greek food. I lurves him, and only him. I just owe it to my readers to write about lovely, yummy heroes in my books. And one cannot do that without visual aid. Right?

My husband thought about this for a few minutes.

Then rolled his eyes and went back to his work.


He just doesn't get it. I doubt he ever will. I still love him, though.

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  1. lol I always thought women were the ones who would be bothered when their man finds other ladies attractive. Maybe I'm weird but I totally take it as a compliment... mine thinks Natalie Portman is gorgeous? And he's with me instead? *cha-ching* I must be crazy hot. lol ;)

    But then he has this misconception that all women are the same and only like 'bumpy' guys. And the odd thing is... I don't really like guys with a lot of muscle. I can admire the work it takes to make that happen but personally it looks gross to me. I must be a freak. lol