Friday, March 8, 2013

Another day, another excerpt...

“It’s a surprise. But we’re going there on my bike, so you need to change your clothes.” He handed me the helmet and climbed onto his bike. “Hop on.”
            I gave him a sideways glance. “So you’re saying that a skirt is out of the question.”
            He released a low whistle. “As hot as I know you’d be in a skirt, jeans are more appropriate today.”
            “Oh, come on, gimme a clue.” I crawled onto the back of the bike and wrapped my arms around his middle.
            “No hints.”
            And true to his word, there were no hints. Instead, we went to my apartment, where Landon dove into my closet, then emerged with a flannel shirt and a giant fisherman’s sweater, citing that I would “thank him later.”
            I smiled when he slipped into the bathroom before we left. Even though we’d only been dating a few weeks, he was already talking about our relationship in the long term. Instead of being allergic to such talk the way most guys were, he seemed to enjoy planning a future together.
            “Hey, hurry it up in there,” I teased from my kitchen. “This sweater is really warm.”
            He laughed from behind the bathroom door, and went to check my phone for messages. I sent Gabe a text message as I left the Silver Cascade, and then got too caught up in my Valentine’s Day celebration to answer his three calls.

            “Hey Violet…it’s Gabe. Dude. What’s up with your cryptic text message? Sorry I didn’t get back to you quicker. I was at the grocery store buying groceries for Valentine’s dinner. Why anybody would want to eat a mushroom with the word ‘shit’ in the name is beyond me. But Alicia loves that kind of fancy crap. Whatever. So anyway, give me a call, and let me know what’s up. I’ll be around. Later.”

I covered my mouth to keep Landon from hearing me giggle as Gabe rattled on. The sound of Gabe’s voice made a shudder go through my body, so I pressed repeat and listened to it again two more times.
            I heard the water running in the bathroom, and pressed Delete. It was time to chill out. Here I was, in my apartment with my new, good looking and thoughtful boyfriend, and I was obsessing over a voice mail left by a taken man.
            “Get over it,” I muttered, taking a mental note to call him as soon as I got home. Gabe would be up late. He always was. Unless Alicia was spending the which case, he wouldn’t be able to talk. I had a sudden urge to throw up.
            “Ready to go?” Landon’s deep voice came from behind me and made me jump.
            “Oh, you scared me,” I burst out.
            “Sending me a text to tell me to hurry it up?”
            I slid the device into my jeans pocket. “Exactly. Let’s do this.”

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