Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day excerpt!

Happy Valentine's Day, my beautiful readers!

How about a Valentine's Day excerpt from my upcoming (February 18th) release, Keeping Secrets in Seattle...

I heard the roar of the motorcycle before I saw it. When I craned my neck out the door of the bus, I saw Landon riding up on his silver Harley, a bouquet of flowers sticking out of the saddlebag, a few loose petals flying out behind the bike. My mouth melted into a smile, and I jumped off the bottom step onto the pavement and ran over to his waiting arms.
He grunted when I landed against him. “Hey, beautiful.” He pulled his helmet off. “I went to catch you at that Silver Cascade place, but didn’t see you there.”
I snuggled against his chest. I felt disconnected, like I was on the verge of floating away on the damp February wind, and Landon was my anchor. “You went to find me?”
“Yeah. I took the afternoon off. It’s Valentine’s Day.”
I looked up at him.Thoughts of Cameron started to scuffle back to the corner of my mind where they belonged. This was exactly what I needed. To be able to gaze into Landon’s warm brown eyes, and have his arms around me.
“Was that too...stalker-ish?” he asked.
I shook my head. “Not at all. It’s perfect.”
He rubbed my arms gently. “You seem sort of tense. I

know you said you weren’t looking forward to today. Did the brunch go okay?”
“No, it went all right. I suppose.” I tightened my grip around his middle.
He pushed a strand of my hair back from my face and grinned warmly, eyes crinkling at the sides. “You suppose? Want to talk about it?”
I thought about it for a beat. Did I want to share this with Landon? Were we at that stage in our relationship already? The stage where we started confessing our secrets? Was it time for me to admit all of my worst faults to Landon? I could see it now: Um, Landon, I tend to talk in my sleep, and I also sometimes drink coffee straight from the pot so that I don’t have to wash a mug. Oh, and I’m also in love with my best friend, and I have a whole treasure trove of secrets involving him, his other best friend, and my entire junior year of high school. Too soon for that conversation.
I looked away. “Gabe’s fiancĂ©e just brought up some old topics that have long since been buried.”
“You want to talk about it?”
I held my breath. It was tempting. The thought of sharing my secret with someone made me wonder how relieved I would be. As quickly as those feelings came, though, they departed.
“Nope.” I eyeballed the bouquet, and glanced at him. I didn’t want to tell him about Cameron yet. I wanted to remain
blissfully preoccupied. “Are those for me, or for your other girlfriend?”
He laughed. “Well, she’s working late tonight, so...” “Two timer.”
“Silly girl, of course these are for you.” He handed me the

daisies. “They reminded me of you. So colorful and cheerful.” I took the flowers and grinned. This guy was a keeper.
“They’re beautiful.”
Landon brushed his lips over mine. “Not nearly as

beautiful as you.”
I sank into his kiss, letting my worries dissipate beneath

his touch.
It was Landon who pulled away
first. “I have a whole
Valentine’s Day celebration planned out. We need to go.” “Where are we going?” I followed him to the back of his
bike, where he unstrapped a small eggshell helmet.
“It’s a surprise. But we’re going there on my bike, so you need to change your clothes.” He handed me the helmet and

climbed onto his bike. “Hop on.”
I gave him a sideways glance. “So you’re saying that a

skirt is out of the question.”
He released a low whistle. “As hot as I know you’d be in a

skirt, jeans are more appropriate today.”
“Oh, come on, gimme a clue.” I crawled onto the back of

the bike and wrapped my arms around his middle. “No hints.” 

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