Sunday, February 10, 2013

Excerpt time....

Keeping Secrets in Seattle launches in 8 days! How about an excerpt to wet your whistle....

The corners of his mouth pricked upward. “So the reason I came here without Alicia, is...”
“Because she can’t stand me.”
Gabe frowned. “She doesn’t hate you. She thinks you’re great.”
“Okay, you get an ‘A’ for effort, dude, but I’m not buying it. The future Mrs. Parker hates me.”
“She doesn’t hate you.” He looked away. “She likes you. It’s gotta be weird, though. For her fiancĂ© to have a girl best friend.”
I nodded. “I guess. But there’s nothing between us. We’re completely platonic. Nothing to worry about, right?”
His face fell. Just the tiniest bit. “Right.”
We just watched each other for an awkward pause. “Listen, I wanted to ask you if...” Gabe paused, and

laughed nervously. “If?”
“It would really mean the world to me if you would be my best man.”
The race engine in my heart sputtered to an abrupt halt. I probably should have thanked him for the honor. I realize that. But my initial reaction was to jump off of the bed and yell, what the hell, dude? After all we’d been through, Gabe wanted me to stand next to him while he pledged his life to Alicia?
“You do realize that I’m not a guy, right?” I answered slowly.
“Believe me, I know that.” He swatted me with a pillow. “But, you’re my best friend. And it just wouldn’t be right without you standing beside me. Let me rephrase...will you be my best woman?”
I smiled despite myself. “Isn’t Alicia your best woman?”
Gabe rubbed his eyes tiredly. “Stop busting my chops. All right, will you be person?”
“That sounds stupid. Just call me your best man.”
“Fine. Will you be my best man?”
“And Alicia’s totally okay with this?” I watched his face

for signs of impending doom.
“Oh yeah, of course. She knows how important it is to

My chest tightened. I was not only going to witness Gabe

getting married, but now I would have a front and center view while doing so. How intoxicated would I have to be to stand there without having any comprehension of what I was witnessing? Could one actually request a lobotomy?
“Vi?” Gabe snapped his fingers underneath my nose a few times.
I fisted my hands under the pillow in my lap. Part of me wanted to tell him to drop dead. After all, I’d only recently begun the arduous process of getting over my love for him. How dare he ask me to be his best-freaking-man in his wedding, which was being held on my birthday? But the other part of me wanted to play the part of the cool, collected best friend. Willing to do whatever brought joy to my oldest and dearest friend. I felt like I was going to split right down the middle, leaving my guts—and my adoration—all over my bedspread for him to see.

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