Sunday, February 24, 2013

Amazing review. of my favorite bloggers reviewed my latest release, Keeping Secrets in Seattle, this weekend, and her review brought me to tears. First off, she's just a kick butt kinda chick. I love this girl. Second, this girl gives honest reviews, which is why I dig her. So I'm able to trust that this review is honest...and I don't want a review if it's not honest. And third? Oh, man...I've had such trepidation and anxiety over this book. It is a story that bears the vaguest resemblance to the original story I wrote so long ago.....they turned it from a three book series told from dual perspectives, into ONE book that gave me more stomachaches than I care to admit.

And she loved it. She loved it. I'm so happy, I just...I can't...I'm just so relieved. This reviewer was the one that I wanted to impress the most--and I did it!

Would you like to read it? Check it out here:

It is a very rare thing for me, as a reader, to experience the full on 'reads-like-a-movie' thing with a book. But from page one, Violet and Gabe's world came alive for me. They're such opposites that at first I was baffled by the massive crush she had on him. Yet, as the story progressed it was easy to see that it wasn't a crush at all, but a love born in youth that had matured into something painfully stunted by a crushingly heart-wrenching secret. Just when Vi is ready to work it out, to reveal how she has felt for all these years Gabe goes and proposes to his model-slash-waitress girlfriend, Alycia. To add insult to injury, he asks her to be his 'best-man', which requires a lot of trying to tolerate his seemingly flawless fiance.

From here readers are sure to start seeing KEEPING SECRETS IN SEATTLE as a bit of a romantic comedy, which in a way it is. Moss is one of my favorite authors because she is a master at weaving a heart-wrenching story of love with well executed comedic moments to lighten it when needed. There are some real LOL moments and a couple of seriously tear-inducing ones, dragging us along as Vi tries to make sense of some really difficult obstacles. Making nice with Alycia. Attempting a relationship with a guy who seems perfect for her, but isn't whom her heart wants. Keeping the terrible secret that ruined her chance with Gabe years ago. Discovering that Alycia has been keeping secrets of her own... and just what to do about them. This is one of those romances that sends you on an emotional roller coaster of laughs and tears, and even the occasional fist shaking. 

As has become my personal favorite aspect of Moss' writing, she once again knocks-it-out-of-the-park as far as setting. If you love a story where the location becomes the third character you will be packing your bags for Seattle before you're halfway through. It's so true to the spirit of the city and the people who live there, it made me homesick. If, like me, you're a native of the Pacific Northwest you simply MUST read Moss' books. KEEPING SECRETS IN SEATTLE is her best so far and has movie potential I'd love to see happening on screen.

If you enjoy a romance that's complicated by deep dark secrets without being a total mope-fest, where big romantic gestures have you going 'awwww', and the collective characters are just a little too over-the-top to be real and yet relatable enough to be endearing you will love this book!

If you'd like to check out Rhianna's blog, here's the link. Her reviews are spot on, and I visit her blog at least two or three times a week. Love it. Check it out here:


  1. There are just no words to say how hard it would have been if I hadn't liked it! It would have been the first time I ever had to not write a review because it would have hurt me as much as you.

    But I had a feeling in my gut from the days when I was begging to know when your next release was and that it would be in Seattle... I just knew.

    My review could have been so much longer... because I had to NOT break down favorite scenes and things that moved me. Things that made me homesick. Things that made me rage. And I might just be the only reader who GOT why Vi couldn't be with Landon. lol

    And man do I wish I had some Hollywood connections... I would be sending copies to them if I did. Hell, as I read I wondered if I could take a screenwriting class just so I could adapt this for shits and giggles. ;)

    The admiration is mutual Brooke. Perhaps it's being birthed in the same general region... maybe it's something in the soil. Don't ever stop bringing the Pacific Northwest to life in your writing! Lately, it's the most affordable way for me to go home. ♥

  2. Someday I should send you the original version(s)/rough drafts of this book. It was originally written from both Violet and Gabe's perspectives, so his take on the whole thing was much clearer. Oh, and it was a three book saga. So there was so much more drama to enjoy.... :)

    But seriously. Thank you. So much,

  3. WOW! This was the best review I think I have ever read. Makes me want to hang up my hat because I'll never be this good! I loved that you felt you could go on and on about it, I feel that way as well and can't wait to read it again! Brooke is pretty damn badass at making me swoon, cry and scream obscenities!