Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rebuilding my blog.

Okay, so it's been 24 hours since my website and blog crashed, and I lost everything. 


As I work to rebuild my readership, I realized this morning that I not only lost all of my previous blog posts (which were in the thousands), I also lost my comment from Johnny Iuzzini. Yes, peeps. This upset me more than everything else.

As a chubby housewife from the 'burbs, I really enjoyed my fan-girl moment when Johnny commented on my blogpost devoted to his deliciousness. So sad. If you're out there, Johnny.....drop me another comment. Give a fan a break, man...I'm so sad, and no amount of macaroons will comfort me.

You know what else I lost in the big blog crash of '13? All of my funny meme's. SHAMEFUL. So I've devoted today's post to rebuilding my meme collection. I've decided to dedicate today's meme lineup to Top Chef, since last night's episode had me gnashing my teeth and swearing. Here goes nothing:

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